New River Gorge

Rock Climbing at New River Gorge

The New River Gorge, located in Fayetteville West Virginia, is home to world class rock climbing. People travel from all the world to experience the Nutall Sandstone found in the New River Gorge. The New River Gorge is comprised of a ten mile section of 120 ft. tall cliff band ideal for beginners to expert climbers alike. The New River Gorge is home to the New River which is the second oldest river in the world. The rock climbing in the New River Gorge varies in difficulty from 5.5 to 5.14b. This means that climbs are available for absolute beginners to the most experience rock climbers in the world. The New River Gorge Bridge hosts the world famous Bridge Day where BASE Jumpers travel from around the world to show their skills and parachute off the New River Gorge Bridge. The New River Gorge is also home to world famous white water rafting.


New River Gorge

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Recent News

  • June 22, 2010
    Yesterday was the first day of Summer and we kicked off the celebration with our climbing instruction tours in the New River Gorge.

  • June 21, 2010
    We are committed to a “leave no trace” philosophy


  • This is the best rock climbing trip.  Our family has never been rock climbing and our instructor was fun and completely entertained our teenagers.  They were able to learn at their rate while Mom and Dad  were able to take it easier.  I would definitely recommend that every family experience rock climbing together.


    -Jeffrrey Adams

  • I have primarily climbed out west but all my friends kept telling me to try the New River Gorge. This place is totally awesome and my new rock climbing home. Even though I have lots of experience climbing in the Rockies the guides were able to show me a thing or two. These guys know their stuff.

    -Mary Anderson

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